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SquashInDubai.com is providing a unique coaching service to anyone who wants to play Squash in Dubai, through the Squash coach Ahmed Al Kiremli.

Ahmed Al Kiremli is a professional Squash player & coach, currently playing in the PSA (Professional Squash Association) World Ranking Tour, he's the former Iraqi No.1 Player for 7 years, played for the Iraqi national team for more than 10 years, Played and won many championships In Iraq, UAE, Jordan and Egypt.

At age 35 in 2016 Ahmed Al Kiremli decided to start playing in the PSA world tour for the first time in his life, at February 2016 he started with a world ranking of 422 and hit the world no. 260 at July 2017, currently he is still active in the world tour and trying to hit new records in the PSA world ranking tour.

Ahmed also played with many world Squash champions including Gregory Gaultier (World Champion & best world raking is No.1), Karim Darwish (best world ranking is No.1), Mohamed Abbas (best world ranking is No. 13), Amir Wagih (best world ranking is No.16).

Ahmed Al Kiremli is living in Dubai since 2005 and played in Dubai Squash league and many other team and individual tournaments, best ranking in the UAE is 8, Ahmed Al Kiremli is providing a unique quality coaching service to his clients, for more information kindly visit My Service page.

You can have a Squash lesson with Ahmed Al Kiremli and choose the location of the lesson within the territory of Dubai by visiting Where To Play page.

Ahmed Al Kiremli Vs. World's No.1 Grégory Gaultier

Below is the coaching sessions prices with Ahmed Al Kiremli:-

Book 1 lesson

40 Minutes 250 AED (Cash)
60 Minutes   300 AED (Cash)

Book 4 lessons (to be finished within 30 days)

40 Minutes Pay 800 AED
60 Minutes   Pay 900 AED

Book 10 lessons (to be finished within 30 days)

40 Minutes Pay 1800 AED
60 Minutes   Pay 2000 AED

Book 20 lesson (to be finished within 90 days)

40 Minutes Pay 3200 AED
60 Minutes   Pay 4000 AED

Call NOW to Book your Squash lesson /  0502281075

Note: You Can Pay Cash After the Lesson

Note: For more than one person inside the court at the same time / I charge 50 AED per each extra person.

Squash in Dubai - Ahmed Al Kiremli and Karim Darwish

Ahmed Al Kiremli and Karim Darwish former World No.1 meets in Dubai at December 2013, last time we met was in 1999 in the Arab Championship in Amman / Jordan, we discussed the Squash future in Dubai and some future ideas and ventures

gregory gaultier - ahmed al kiremli - squash in dubai

Deep Squash Talk with World No.1 & World Champion Gregory Gaultier in Qatar 2015 - Before a Month from Winning his first World Championship Title

gregory squash in dubai

Ahmed Al Kiremli with Ramy Ashour 2

Ahmed Al Kiremli with former World No. 1 Ramy Ashour (The Artist) He reached the world number one ranking in January 2010 At 22, he became the youngest player to reach number one in the world since the 1980s

Ahmed Al Kiremli with Ramy Ashour

Ahmed Al Kiremli & James Willstrop

Ahmed Al Kiremli with former World No.1 James Willstrop He reached a career-high world ranking of World No. 1 in January 2012. Known as ‘The Marksman’ after his accurate shot placement

Ahmed Al Kiremli with Peter Nicol

Ahmed Al Kiremli with former World No.1 Peter Nicol, Nicol was ranked World No. 1 for a total of 60 months during his career, including a continuous 24 month stint in 2002-2003. He became the first player from the UK to hold the World No. 1 ranking

Squash in Dubai - Ahmed Al Kiremli 4